What Gives?

I received a disturbing email yesterday. It should not have been disturbing because it was such a load of nonsense, but still, it made me think. I'm actually mad at myself for giving the email any of my time, or thoughts.

The email was obviously sent to a lot of people and it was warning us all about a sign that this person had received from God. I know, I know, I should have deleted the email at the exact moment the guy said that the following information was from God.

He went on to say that a gigantic tsunami and earthquake were going to hit the west coast and destroy the entire area from San Diego to British Columbia. As I write this it becomes even more apparent how outlandish this is and utterly impossible. Even more impossible is the fact that this dude said that God spoke to him and told him that this was going to happen. He has also heard from other people who have had the same "vision."

E-gads. Are you kidding me?

This is all supposed to happen, according to God, in September of 2010. It looks like I have time to plan. I'll need to tell my family and our friends that we are moving to the east coast to avoid being swallowed up by the very ground on which we stand. Everyone should understand. I'll just tell them that some random guy emailed me and told me that it was truth. That will go over really well.

I am seriously embarrassed to admit that this even got into my head, even for a second. This is truly ridiculous.

If I am going to believe the earthquake/tsunami email, I should probably also believe all of the emails I get from people informing me that they have millions of dollars that they need to get rid of and I need to respond immediately if I want any of the money. We all know those are real too, right?

I need to focus on God and His words, and not utter nonsense. Utter nonsense is such a waste of my brain cells.


Anything can get us for one or two seconds. I get the money emails all the time. I plan to post about them because it is so funny.