What the Calendar?

How many calendars does one person need?

I need several.

I have a large, white board calendar in my kitchen which gets erased and changed every month. It is scrawled with the family events for the month. These included everything from date nights for my husband, to the days which the boys have decided that they would like to purchase hot lunch from school. Hot lunch is another blog post in and of itself. You may shutter when you read that one so consider yourself warned.

I also have a spiral bound, small, desk calendar near our house phone. This keeps an account of hair appointments, doctor and dentist appointments, birthdays, and the ever-so-important hair coloring appointments for me.

I have kept all of these spiral appointment books for the past 10 years. They serve as a fun account of our kids’ weight and height, along with funny things they have said over the years.

I have a calendar on my phone which I rarely use, and the calendar on my computer is only used for work related items and never for personal use. I don’t like to combine the two. I confuse easily.

The desk calendar I have which sits, interestingly enough, at my desk, is marked with just a few personal items, and someone just asked if I would like to have a calendar to hang on my wall at home. I opted out of that generous offering. People may start talking about me and all of my calendars if I add yet another to my collection.

I love calendars. I love lists. That’s me. But I do have limits. 5 calendars is the perfect amount, no more, no less.


Brad Huebert said…
I tend to confuse lists too. I'm always on the lookout for one master way to organize myself.
Denise said…
list lovers unite!
Mel said…
Kitchen calendar.

Bathroom calendar.

Desk calendar. I write everything on the one on my desk, except for the things I forget to write down and then completely forget to do.

And I save the old calendars. I come from a long line of calendar savers.