What Amazes Me?

1. How people can wait in line over night to see a new motion picture

2. The energy of boys and why they chew stuff.

3. Algebra or anything math related passed sixth grade level

4. The infinite uses of a rubber band and why I didn't invent it

5. God's amazing random miracles

6. Why my daughter cries for no apparent reason

7. Why blue cheese tastes good

8. Dog who are pushed around in strollers

9. People who own seventeen reptiles.

10. Clothes that fit when you purchased them and two weeks later feel tight

11. Flowers that stink

12. The excitement of leaping from a moving plane with just a parachute

13. Large tattoos on women's legs

14. spider webs

15. feet and all of their functions. God is amazing

16. Child-like faith

What amazes you?


Mother Hood said…
I'm with you on people pushing dogs around in strollers! NICE ones at that!

1. How two completely different people came from me and my husband.

2. The fact that I have had two people (separate pregnancies)living inside my body for 9 months.

3. The fact that I want to go through it all a third time.

Those 3 things amaze me the most!
Mel said…
How much milk teenage boys can drink.

How many books exist in the world.

How people can stand to lick wood (ie popsicle sticks).