Weather: To Woe or Not to Woe

I cannot imagine the capacity God has to handle all of the requests that are made from his children. How He discerns what is the right decision when the prayers are made from opposite directions.

We, here in Southern California, are experiencing Santa Ana winds this week. Gusts of warm winds usher in temperatures in the high seventies and low eighties. In my opinion this is ideal with a huge capital "I".

On the other hand, my husband, and other So. Cal folk out there, are sad. The theory is, since it is January, we should have January-ish weather. This includes jackets, socks, and the heater for the house in the "on" position.

So how does God deal with me, for instance, praising and thanking Him for this glorious weather He has brought to Orange County, and other people, bitter, and complaining for the winds and warmth, praying for clouds and rain? What about the soup sellers wanting bitter cold, and in contrast, the ice cream sellers who desire the warm?

Being a people pleaser, I would go crazy. I am SO grateful that God is God and knows all things that are perfect.

I will just have to ask the conflicting prayer question when I reach Heaven. And, when I do reach His glory, I hope that it is in the the high 70's to low 80's, even in January.


Mother Hood said…
Aren't those the same winds responsible for spreading crazy wild fires? You're the first person I've heard praise the Santa Ana winds! You crack me up!
Jodie Howerton said…
It was a crisp 33 degrees here today with no warm, blustery wind. Jack Frost is visiting us quite often and I dream every night of the Santa Ana's.

Take a run in shorts for me....