Wallet Worry

My wallet was M.I.A. Something is way wrong if my wallet is not sitting inside my purse. If my wallet is not nestled inside the confines of my bag, it is either in my car, or was stolen.

The other day I was entering the gym where my son was playing in a basketball tournament. When I reached inside my purse to attain my wallet and pay the astronomical $6.00 entrance fee, my brow broke into a slight sweat. No wallet.

Quickly my brain rummaged through the places where my wallet could be. Did it fall from my purse when I left my car? Is it sitting next to the computer at home where I placed it after ordering hot lunch online for the boys? Is it sitting in my husbands car since I drove it to church and purchased fast food for the kids on the way home? Yikes!

I immediately ruled out a pick pocket incident. I knew it was somewhere.

I had to borrow money from a friend to get insdie the gym and then called home to investigate the whereabouts of said wallet. It was not in my husbands car. I doubted his search skills though since he is a man, and lacks a mother's expert search mechanisms.

The wallet was not next to the computer, but was not giving up hope. I hadn't reached the point of imagining myself standing in line at the DMV fro six days to receive a new license or cancelling my ATM card. The wallet had to be somewhere.

After my son's game my phone rang. It was my youngest son. "I found your wallet mom." I was both thrilled and curious.

"Where was it?"

"It was in my treasure chest"

"What? Why was it in your treasure chest?"

"We were playing pirates and Ty said that I needed real money to purchase the treasure so I got your wallet and gave him the money."

"Of course you did."

I'm so glad that my wallet was available to carry out an imaginary scene between two pirates - thrilled actually.


so funny. But If my teenagers try that, I'll kill them.
Mother Hood said…
I hate hate HATE that feeling. You gotta watch out for pirates, though. Don't you know? They're everywhere little boys are!
Denise said…
it makes for a funny story, a great "remember that time."
but i'm glad it is your story, not mine. it wouldn't end well for my little pirates. :-0