I don't mind doing tasks. I love lists.

The problem comes when there are tasks on my list that make me freeze. The tasks that I don't enjoy, have difficulty understanding how to execute, and the tasks that require more than a few hours, stop me in my task-completing tracks - I freeze.

Once my questions are answered, I begin steps toward starting the task, or submit to the time issue, I always feel better. Isn't that the truth for most things we do in life?

I work for the king of relationships. Truly. He is all about building and developing relationships. I love people and finding out more about them since I am so curious. However, building new relationships, that may require something other than what is comfortable for me, can hinder my relationship building, unfortunately.

I am often too concerned with the "Can I keep the conversation going for an entire lunch hour?" or "Why would they want to hang out with me?" questions, that I have a tendency to avoid the situation.

I need to make a change. I need to start and finish tasks no matter how difficult or confusing them seem.

In addition:

I will ask the lonely women who lost her husband a few years ago on a lunch outing.

I will make a better effort to begin new relationships with my co-workers.

I will.

Jesus was all about relationships. I have a lot to learn from the master. He's is the best teacher ever!


Brad Huebert said…
Great thoughts, Linda. And a soft heart. Nice.
Denise said…
i like you.
this is a great post.

today, i stared at my to-do list and just froze. some days are like that.

i love community, and relationship.
i too am curious about people and their stories.

yesterday i spent the day with two older ladies from my church. with three of us it was easy to keep the conversation moving. and btw- older ladies are cheap dates. they only ordered soup!