Paul Blart-Mall Cop

Ever since "King of Queens" aired on television, Kevin James has been one of my favorite comedians. He doesn't have to cuss or put down Christians, or spread his political view all over the place, he is just funny. I like that.

His physical comedy gets me every time. He is huge, and doesn't care how he looks.

Last night we took the family to see Paul Blart Mall Cop. Yes, the popcorn was spectacular. We have been anticipating this movie since the trailers arrived on television.

We laughed out loud. Maddy possibly laughed the hardest. She is such an easy audience. Carson said that he had a headache, and climbed into my husband's lap and lost his FOX racing hat, but good times were had.

On the way home from the movie, we kept repeating funny lines from the movie. I liked Paul Blart. I think Kevin James is hysterical. Laughing out loud is the best and he always makes me laugh out loud.

What or who makes you laugh out loud?


So this is a decent movie? Because I really want to see it, but not if it's profane all over the place. I just hate that. Laugh out loud? .... Hm .... Christopher Guest's movies, but they're often profane all over the place.
Kim said…
Glad to hear a good review of the movie. My husband, myself, and out 12 1/2 year old son all want to see this. The preview even cracks me up...when he slides on his hip to hid behind the sign - but then doesn't make it all the way. Oh my. =)

I think the "unexpected" humor is what makes me LOL. When my hubby says something I'm totally not thinking he's gonna say. Or when somebody who's usually real dry cuts loose with something. Also, when I hear somebody joking about something I've experienced. I know the language is horrible, but hubby and I love the Blue Collar tours...we've lived some of their jokes!
Mother Hood said…
We LOVE Steve Carell (from The Office). We can't get enough of that guy!