Not Easily Broken

I had the privilege of attending a Girls Night Out and seeing a very well written move called Not Easily Broken.

I just so happens that our family has been friends with the writer of this movie, Brian Bird, and his family for a number of years.

I sat next to Patty, his wife, during the movie which was fun. I got to ask her questions throughout the film about the actors, story scenarios, and dialog.

There are many parts of the movie where I laughed hard and other times when I was grieved with the demise of the marriage being portrayed.

Since the movie was about a couple experiencing the problems that marriages face, it caused me to take a serious look at my husband, and our marriage, and feel blessed by the fact that our marriage has by God's grace, survived some serious speed bumps, but that I am more in love with my husband today, than the day we met.

It is evident throughout the movie, and through my experiences, that in order for my marriage to survive, God must be part of the three stand cord that bind us together.

Every married couple should see Not Easily Broken.