My husband and I have an affinity to coffee. 17 years ago we bonded over black coffee and a rich, creamy dessert.

Our children are fully aware of our love for the fresh brewed goodness and after trying their taste buds at a cup of joe, and physically gagging at the flavor, they question the love affair that brings us joy each morning and often times in the late afternoon.

Although our children cannot appreciate the same excitement that we feel each morning as the glass carafe pops and gurgles as it brews fresh java, they can appreciate the fact that every great cup o' joe needs a great mug.

Mug purchases make for the perfect, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, and birthday gift - simple and necessary, for a parent who loves coffee.

One of my favorite mugs is small, and holds no more than 6 ounces. I prefer large mugs that hold close to a half gallon.

The mug is decorated with a baseball, baseball diamond, and the handle is shaped into a bat. I can barely shove my finger between the bat and mug to lift the hot contents to my lips, but the mug was purchased in love and one very handsome seven year old bought it for me.

Another mug, from my daughter is embellished with "I [heart] Jim." Since my husband's name is Greg, why do I have a mug with incorrect information? My husband and I love watching The Office together, and my daughter thought the mug would be a perfect gift. She was right. Jim is fun, and the mug purchase was thoughtful, although I probably don't love Jim, but please don't tell her I said that.

For the next gift giving holiday, I will possibly receive another mug from one of our children. The mug will probably be little and cute, with painted flowers, or the face of a puppy. Although it probably won't hold enough coffee for my liking, it will be purchased in love, which is always perfect.


Eve said…
My husband and I really LOVE our coffee as well but we drink ours in a latte form so we get espresso items for gifts.

We even consider our coffee options when planning trips etc... I know we have a problem don't we?!
Denise said…
i am not a coffee addict (i'm a social drinker), but i am thankful to coffee, because apparently a lot of my friends would be unlikeable without it.

you are so good for valuing your mugs, and the givers.

i have strong feelings of like for jim and the Office (not to be confused with heart-ing).