My 15 year old daughter couldn't find her way out of her room, even if she had a map. It is quite sad really. She freely admits her lack of knowing her way around and often jokes that she would need a GPS if she ever had to walk to school.

I am opposite my daughter. If I have been somewhere one time, I can usually find it a second time. I have a great sense of direction, however, there are plenty of other areas I come up short.

My youngest who is only 5 has a great sense of direction as does my husband. However, I worry about my daughter.

She has no problem reminding us that she will be able to get her driver's permit in June. At that point she will be 15 1/2 which is the age when teenagers can begin learning to drive in CA. I wish the age limit were 18 1/2.

If ever I complain that I have to drive here or there, and back again, my daughter will often say, "I bet you can't wait until I can drive mom" when the truth is, I can wait. This is not something to which I am looking forward, not only because driving is so scary these days, but because her sense of direction mechanism is severely impaired.

When she ends up 60 miles away after attempting to pick up our boys from the ball field located 2 miles from our home, I will be the one on the other end of the phone giving her directions back home.

We will often ask her if she knows her address, and she rolls her eyes. When we ask her what are the major cross streets, she hasn't a clue. If I ask her which street is directly behind our house, her answer is incorrect.

I'm scared.

Come June, I will need all of your phone numbers. That way when my daughter ends up in your city or state, I can give you a call for help. In addition, I promise to give all of you fair warning when the keys to our car are duplicated and handed to my daughter, however, in order to drive my 12 year old, 4-wheel drive Suburban, she will also need a boating license. That can be arranged.


Eve said…
Just make sure you have a GPS unit in her car. I love my Garmin GPS, it even has a "GO HOME" button so she will always find her way home.

Trust me I will make sure my daughter's car has one. :)
Denise said…
i too have always had a good sense of direction. my younger sister has a horrible sense of direction. there were a few times i had to drive to where she was so she could follow me home. i remember the first time my mom took my sister for a driving lesson. my mom made me join them in the car. i was trapped in the backseat of a hatchback! seat belts on, car on and idling, and my sister asks, "do you push up or down on the gas peddle?"
it's a miracle that i am even alive.

and 15 years later my sister has never been in accident, and she has found her way on her own, and grown more confident because of it.

and good luck!