Hot Dogs and a Yo-Yo

I never assumed that finding a yo-yo in Orange County would be such an arduous task.

My biggest boy decided that he would like to purchase a yo-yo with some of the money that he received for Christmas. I can appreciate a yo-yo purchase. Yo-yos are a fun toy and worth the $3-5 dollar investment.

I searched all of the normal stores. Target had none. Toy's R Us had nothing. I even looked in the toy section of the grocery store. "Where can I find a yo-yo?" my son questioned. "Why don't you try Big-5?" my mother replied.

I don't know if you have a Big 5 where you live, but Big 5 is a sporting goods store which sells rifles, football socks, running shoes, and everything in between.

I laughed at my mother's suggestion, and the absurdity of her store choice for a yo-yo purchase. In fact, we made fun of her suggestion for a good 10 minutes while she shook her head and questioned our lack of respect.

I had to know what my mother was thinking. "Why do you think that Big 5 would sell a yo-yo mom? Yo-yo's are not a sport that you try out for in high school. 'Yea, I made varsity yo-yo, how about you?'"

We burst out laughing once again, and she grinned, realizing our teasing was actually funny.

"Well" she began. "I know that they have yo-yo competitions so I figured..." and I interrupted. "Yes, they also have hot dog eating competitions and they don't sell hot dogs at Big 5." This time she agreed with us and we continued our yo-yo search.

I finally did find a yo-yo for $2.00 at Rite Aid, in the toy section. It lights up when it spins. My son is thrilled and plays with his new found friend often.

Although I never attempted to search for a yo-yo at Big 5 I will ask them if they carry yo-yos the next time I need anything related to sporting activities. If they happen to have one, I will also ask if they sell any crow. I will be eating an entire plate full.


Carol @SheLives said…
Remember Duncan yo-yo's? I think they still make them. They were a big deal when I was...Before I was born. (Yeah, that's it.) And (before I was born) my (much older) jr. high friends and I would have yo-yo trick competitions.

Love yo-yo's. (May actually be a yo-yo.)
Mother Hood said…
Sometimes the dollar stores have them. Or you could look in the party favor section, instead of the toy section.