I am near sighted.

I became near sighed after spending too much time hanging over art projects at close range. I wanted a close look at details, and my eyesight suffered in the meantime.

I have been wearing contact lenses for the past 20 years. I never have any problems with my contacts until late at night, when it feels like I have a dried corn flakes slapped onto my eyeballs. It is then, and only then, that I remove my contact lenses, and put on my glasses.

I don't prefer my glasses. They are only a last resort for dry, irritated, eyeballs.

My daughter thinks that glasses are cool. Each time we visit a retail clothing store, she meanders over to the sunglasses, finds a pair with clear glass instead of the tinted variety and puts them on her face.

She then hollers for me, and wants my approval while she considers a purchase. When I tell her, "no" she reluctantly returns the glasses to the rack and walks away with drooping shoulders.

I can't help but wonder why she would want to wear glasses when many people wish that they didn't have to wear them.

Evidently the old adage continues to apply. You always want what you can't have - even bad eyesight.


Glasses are quite in. My college daughter wears hers all the time. I look hideous in glasses because I have a witch nose.
Carol @SheLives said…
Hate having to wear them. Contacts have never worked for me. RK/Lasik isn't a good option after 40, is my understanding - chances are high it'll have to be repeated.

I am, therefore, bespeckled. And I hate it.

Kids sort of think it's cool until they actually have to wear them for a while. No clue why. That's probably why they call them kids, right?
The last time I had my eyes examined I was so excited as I had found some really great frames and could hardly wait to get to wear them. Doctor looked into my eyes and said, "You don't need glasses." I have one near-sighted and one far-sighted eye. I am still disappointed...about the frames. :)
Mel said…
I'm with you. Contacts all day until I'm squinting because they're sticking to my eyeballs. Like now.

I'm envious of people who look cute in glasses, though.