Fetching Old Friendship

We spent every waking moment together, Andrea and I. High school was tolerable due in part to the fact that Andrea and I made the best of it and laughed our way through the day. We had no qualms about embarrassing ourselves in hopes of making each other or others laugh.

I haven't talked to or seen Andrea in 15 years. We lost contact. It's amazing to think that someone who was such an integral part of my life can just disappear into the wind like dandelion dust.

Last night, Andrea and I spoke on the phone for over an hour. We found each other on Facebook. I giggled when I searched her name and up popped her face. She happened to be online at the same time that I was, and we instant messaged for a few minutes before exchanging phone numbers and making a date to talk, for real.

After an hour of reminiscing, my cheeks ached from laughing. We missed the friendship that once was, and promised to keep in touch.

Relationships are good. Reconnecting is healthy. Making time for other people in a hurried week is important. Stopping to make a connection comforts the soul.

I had other plans for the one hour that I was on the phone with Andrea. I was supposed to peruse a new Bible study book and create a blog post for our regional website. Instead I called Andrea. And I'm glad that I did.


Denise said…
i recently reconnected with 2 friends from high school. 2 friends that God used in my shaping.
our f.b messaging were filled with laughter and tears. we caught up and we celebrated where we are now, and our friendships.

and there were tears. tears discovering one was now an atheist, i grieve the jesus in him alive, that once met with (and even spurred on) the jesus in me.

but now i can pray that he will "fetch an old friendship" in Christ.

hmmm, i just said a lot.
Sarah Markley said…
soo glad! that sounds like so much fun.
I have enjoyed your last three posts. I may not comment every day, but I'm here just about every day. Glad we're friends, as well. Make new, keep the old, etc., etc.!