Don't Forget

"Do you have your lunch?"

"Don't forget your P.E. uniform."

"Your notebook is on the counter."

"I put the permission slip in your binder."

"Remember, you have hot lunch today."

Constantly, between the hours of 7:20 and 7:55 in the morning, during the week, I am locked in reminder mode. If I don't remind my children of the things they need to take to school or be put inside their backpacks, it quite possibly gets left.

There is nothing worse than rushing to make three lunches, grab drinks and line up the lunch boxes on the counter only to have one of the three left on the counter. A left lunch is an extra trip to school, convincing the office to send a note to a classroom and crossing my fingers all day hoping that said lunch eventually gets to correct child before sixth period.

Forgotten homework gets a lower grade, and P.E. uniforms that never make it to school, results in an "F" for the day in P.E. Who gets an "F" in P.E.?

I can't help but wonder how often God reminds us about things that we often ignore. How often does He speak words into our mind only to have us ignore Him?

"Linda, talk to me please."

"Don't forget about me."

"Remember what my Son did for you?"

"You left your Bible on the counter."

I want to remember the first time. I don't want God to have to remind me. He has bigger things to do.

I'm glad that He still loves me even though I need constant reminders to tell Him the same.