My oldest boy is bitter.

He sat doing homework with his younger brother and was in awe at the simplicity of first grade homework. My oldest is in the sixth grade.

"That's your homework?" He questioned looking at the snowman creation and a math page on shapes. "I wish that I had that homework."

I tried to explain to my biggest boy that he did have that same homework when he was in the first grade. Of course life, and homework were simpler. Now he has to worry about integers, vocabulary, and memorizing Bible scriptures three verses in length.

However, with all of the simplicity of first grade homework, my little mister struggles. Homework takes tons of energy and prodding. He complains that it is boring, hard, and no fun. His spelling words are too long and his scripture verse has hard words.

Oh the woe of being in the first grade. Oh the woe of being in the sixth grade. They all want to return to preschool, where puzzles, and sorting rainbow colored teddy bears happened at the start of the day, followed by a story and cream cheese coated crackers with a cup of milk.

They all wish life was all about coloring in the letter "J" and putting an "X" over the jug, jet, and jellybeans, but at the same time they all want to grow up, have phones, and get a drivers license.

Such discontent.

Aren't we all, at times, discontent.


Sarah Markley said…
oh yes...did you read my post for today...we must have been thinking about the same thing!