I got my eyebrows waxed. Twelve dollars well spent.

I may talk about my brows too much. Please forgive me for not being more witty and creative, for my mind has dulled, but will return to normalacy soon.

The brows-out-of-control factor was teetering on embarrassing. Unfortunately for me, when I never got my eyebrows waxed, I never noticed if they were unruly or ruley, and now, the slightest smidgen of unruly looks grossly ungroomed. Not good.

I wish that I could personally groom the brow area like a seasoned esthetician, however, I cannot. I try and try again, to no avail. My problem may lie in the fact that my tweezers were purchased at the pharmacy and were sitting next to a package of nail clippers. Possibly not the best tweezers in the bunch, but the $1.89 price tag fit my wallet perfectly. I got what I paid for.

I admire those with beautiful brows which were coiffed and shaped by their own hands. I admire that talent, the talent I do not posses.

The esthetician, upon completing my eyebrow wax asked if I would like her to wax my lip, to which I replied, I declined.

When my friends and family members start calling me Miss Fu Manchu, I promise to consider the lip wax service, but for now, I can handle a stray black hair or two with my $1.89 tweezers.


When I saw the title of this post, I cracked up. "The brows again?!" You are too funny.
Mother Hood said…
Dude seriously, get a better pair of tweezers! Go to your local beauty supply and cough it up for a good pair! They'll last you a long time and be worth the "investment".

I'm a licensed esthetician, although not currently working, cuz of the kiddies. I grow my Italian/Portuguese brows out once a year and let a fellow pro have at 'em!