The Christmas cards have begun to arrive with the first one arriving right after Thanksgiving. I honestly believe that there are some people out there who have a goal, and that goal is to be the very first family to send out their Christmas card. God love them, and their zealous spirit.

When that first Christmas card makes it way to my house, I typically open it, and say "Ooh, the first Christmas card, and it is from ______." At that point I mutter something under my breath which has to do with the fact that people who send Christmas cards in November are probably the same people who buy bathing suits in December.

The "November" card inevitably gets placed into some ever growing pile of mail type items, and I end up losing it before I have a chance to tape it to my Wall-O- Christmas cards. But, that's me.

As the cards trickle in I place a strip of tape at the top and stick them to a blank wall in our dining room/kitchen, sort of like Christmas card wall paper. The kids love looking at all the different pictures, and I love seeing how families have grown and changed. Whenever I get a Christmas card without a picture or letter, I am not as excited. I love pictures and letters. I'm curious.

My girlfriend drapes red yarn near around her door frames and uses little plastic clothes pins to hang the cards which is much more creative than my wallpaper.

Another friend of mine puts all of the cards that she receives into a basket near her front door. I like to sit in her living room with the basket on my lap and look through the cards.

Everyone I'm sure does something different with the Christmas cards that they receive. Where do you put the Christmas cards that you receive?


Sarah Markley said…
door. then we move to the other door. i haven't had more than that. last year i stopped putting them up because there were so many!! =)
Kim said…
well...my intention was to tape them down the end of the wall between our living room and dining room. However, we have textured plaster walls which are painted. This means that about 15 minutes after you tape the card up it comes popping off the wall. As of today we've only received 2 cards (pout, pout), so they are laid on my end table waiting for more. I've used the basket idea before, and it looks like I'm headed that way again. Unless...do they make Christmas print duct tape??? :)
Denise said…
well i copied sarah last year and went for the back of the door too.
i am not cool enough to fill 2 doors though.