It is soup weather.

Summertime is not soup weather and cold, melon ball, type soup is gross.

I love to make and eat soup. My mom used to make vegetable soup from scratch. With enough salt and chicken broth, even the grossest of veggies tasted delicious accompanied also, with a hearty side of warm bread with melted butter.

I love the flavor of Cheddar Chicken Chowder and for Christmas Eve, traditionally, my mother-in-law makes Beer Cheese soup - three letters, y-u-m. I was written up in Cooking Light Magazine when I submitted the Beer Cheese Soup recipe for a "Lighten Up section." The magazine took the recipe and made the soup healthier. It is amazing the difference the absence of a cube of butter can make. As you can read from the recipe comments, mostly everyone either changed it or thought that it was terrible. We stick to the original recipe.

I came from a house that slurped soup, and all things hot. My husband came from a family that never slurped anything unless a straw was attached.

I have learned to appreciate the fact that slurping isn't always the best sound at the dinner table and have made some adjustments. However, when I am alone, and no one can hear me, I slurp my soup - just don't tell my husband - as if he would care.


Ah, one of those things to work out in a marriage--to slurp or not to slurp. And burp.