Preschool Pride

I have embarked on my last and final preschool Christmas program.

I have been attending Christmas programs for ten years, and last night marked the very last one that I will be required to attend for preschool.
My five year old was dressed in white sweat bottoms and a white t-shirt. This was the closest thing I could muster that resembled an angel without putting him in a dress. I hot glued gold garland to the back of the t-shirt since I knew that the purchase of some fancy wings would not only be a waste of money, but odd for a young boy to wear.

He had one line: “The star led the wise men from the East” and completed his line without a hitch.

I wish that I could have taken a picture from the stage, focusing on all the parents poised with their video cameras and regular cameras. It was pandemonium. They were all on the edge of their seats waiting for a glimpse of their child, singing and participating in the annual Christmas program.

May every parents' enthusiasm for their preschool age child, and the pride they felt last night, never wane.


Denise said…
10 yrs! wow.

my girls are in a christmas program friday eve. and as usual i will sit with camera in hand, wide eyed, wide heart "that's MY girl(s)."
i love that proud fluttery mommy feeling.