One Day

I have trouble thinking past noon. I am so consumed with here and now that if anyone asks me about anything in the near future, I have no answers.

My mother always wants to know about the next thing happening. Typically, I haven't given the next thing a thought since that would be thinking past the here and now.

The other day she was asking about Christmas, and presents, and the kids, and what I was planning on doing with the Santa issue, and what I already purchased, and what she thought about what she had already purchased,and who was getting what, and what was going where and, and, and, I had to stop her.

I was waist deep in addressing Christmas cards, and struggling through my 1990's system of saving envelopes with return addresses and using those as my guide for sending out cards. I have no address labels, no contact list on my computer, no easy-peasy way of labeling and sending. It is painstaking. It is my own fault. It is old fashioned and extremely backwards. I was all Christmas cards and nothing beyond.

Thankfully my mother understood. I told her we could talk this week after the Christmas cards, and my daughter's birthday were complete.

This morning I will think through this afternoon, and this afternoon, I will think through this evening, anything beyond that will have to wait until tomorrow.


Mel said…
I have the SAME SYSTEM.

"1990's system of saving envelopes with return addresses and using those as my guide for sending out cards."

I resumed using it when The Great Computer Crash of A Few Years Ago ate all my addresses.
I never used to be so stuck in the moment, but I find it harder and harder to multi-task. Hmm. Age?
Denise said…
me too!

i too keep last years envelopes, and use them for addressing. it's a mess.

and my brain is on december overload. i'm decembered out already.

btw- would so love to meet you.
and am THRILLED that YOU would want to "hangout with me!"
however, i don't know when i can. i will be meeting sarah, her family, including her parents, on sunday afternoon. other than that the weekend is packed.

any suggestions?