No Gifts

There are three gifts under our tree. One for our family from my brother and his family, one from our middle mister that he brought home from school, and one from my daughter to her brother. There are no gifts from my husband and I. None.

We procrastinate.

While kids all over the world are shaking and jiggling the presents labeled with their names, playing a guessing game with their siblings, my children pout and wonder if presents will ever sit among the bottom branches of our Christmas tree.

Typically my husband and I wait until Christmas Eve to wrap gifts and place them under the tree, and this year is no different.

The gifts will arrive. The gifts will be wrapped. Just not until Christmas Eve, which I hear is just around the corner. I better stock up on wrapping paper between now and then.


Kim said…
If you had been my mom you'd have driven me nuts as a kid!!! I gotta have stuff to shake! :)

We used to wait till Christmas eve to put out the "santa" gifts. Now that the cat is out of the bag, it's easier...and still just as much fun. All but two of my son's gifts are wrapped and under the tree. We're playing a small trick on him. He already knows he's getting a new remote controlled helicopter, but he thinks that's what is in the big box in the corner of our dining room. Well, I can not wait to see his face when he opens another big box containing the copter...then wonders what THE big box is. Surprise for him it's a bass guitar that he has NO idea he's getting. Ahh..Christmas morning surprises.

Merry Christmas to you!
Mel said…
We never put gifts out until Christmas Eve after the kids go to bed. But . . . we do usually buy them ahead of time!

My dad used to shop on Christmas Eve when we were growing up. Talk about procrastination!
Mother Hood said…
Man, talk about TORTURE for the kids! ;) It probably makes it all the more sweet for them on Christmas!

Isn't that a lot of wrapping in one night? Don't they hear you cutting paper and wrapping? I've got little ones so I probably could get by with that.
We almost tied in a race to the finish.