Let it Snow

We live 20 minutes from the beach. The Southern California beaches are clean, pristine, lovely, and wonderful.

My kids love visiting the beach, just not in the winter. The beach just isn't so appealing when the outdoors hit 40 degree temperatures and the wind is blowing. We prefer visiting the beach when the air temperature reaches the 70's and the wind blowing actually cools our body, and delivers relief, as opposed to making us jump up and down hoping that the increased blood flow will cause our bodies to warm.

We live 20 minutes from Disneyland, however, visiting the "Happiest Place on Earth" would cost us $494.00 for one day, excluding food and drinks. A Disney visit is our of our budget.

While some of you can open your from door, and launch into the making of a snow angel or massive snow cave execution, we have to drive 75 minutes to the nearest snow.

My children anticipate seeing real snow and visiting the snow capped mountains we can see in the distance as we drive around Orange County. They constantly complain about the fact that they have never seen the snow, so I promised my kids that I would take them.


I need to find gloves. I need to get hats. I need to find something more than jeans and flip flops for the kids to wear. I need to find real jackets since zip up hooded sweatshirts won't suffice. I need to be prepared. I have a lot of work to do before our big snow visit. I need to prepare mentally.

I wish that sand angels were just as exciting. This snow thing is exhausting me already.


You know, you might want to borrow all of that winter outerwear just in case they hate it! I do love the snow we get (which isn't a very popular opinion amongst adults here) but I tire of it by February. Then it's just slush until April. Ugh.
Sarah Markley said…
you are going to have so much fun! sure you'll be up for a movie?
Elizabeth Bonds said…
Swimming this time of year? I am envious! Sounds fun, though. Fun video!
Snow is sooooo over-rated! Take it from me, a life-long New Englander. In fact, I'm sick of it already. Your video made me a wee bit jealous!