I Know No Things Bowling

Who says bowling is easy?

Admittedly, I used to. What's so hard about picking up a ball and throwing it at some pins? Isn't it just like Skee Ball at Chuck E. Cheeses?

I'm terrible a bowling, terrible.

Last night we had our Christmas party which started with a raucous game of bowling and ended with Mexican fare and a Feliz Naividad theme. I was much better at eating cheese enchiladas with rice and beans then executing a high score during bowling.

I scored a 68.

I scored a sweet tin of popcorn for the best Christmas theme socks.

I scored a stomach ache from eating too much Oreo Cookie Cream Cheese pie.

I've given up on bowling. It's too hard.


Denise said…
68, that is great! once i got a 42, with bumpers. you should bowl against me.