Hardly True

My children lie.

I'm sure that statement comes as a complete shock to you.

My seven year old brought home a picture of he and his little brother. For some reason, He drew himself tall, with brown hair, and his brother is short, with flesh colored hair. Although my youngest mister clearly has brown hair I'm concerned that this is a premonition which my husband has been claiming since the little guy was born.

The revelation is that our youngest will be bald at sixteen years of age. This is due in part to the fact that he has always had a head of hair that lacks lustre, thickness, and all around umph. Poor guy.

The lie comes underneath the drawing. My son wrote "I take care of my little brother." If taking care of a little brother involves, slapping his head when he shouts, throwing his blanket, and screaming at him to stop crying, than by all means, he is the care taker. Maybe that's where the question mark on the paper comes into play. He was uncertain if his sentence was true.

I assume though that my middle mister was striving, at great attempts, to impress his cute, young teacher, and appear compassionate and helpful. However, I know the truth. He is helpful with his little brother on rare occasions, and only when the little brother allows his help.


Too funny! I love what kids come up with at school...mine have some doozies :)