Golden Birthday

My big girl is 15 today.

In six months she will be driving.

I'm sad that she had to go to school and couldn't stay home in her pajamas all day watching television and sipping Chai tea lattes.

Life goes on, even on birthdays.

Fifteen years ago, I didn't know that I was having a girl. I didn't know that she would love singing and acting, that she would have a strong faith in God, and love rules and order.

I didn't know that she would be organized and systematic, or that she would be creative and love blogging.

I am grateful from my girl, my lone girl among three boys. She balances out the house so it doesn't tip over into Boyville.

If we had a girl dog, the balancing would help, but we may have to settle for a girl fish.

I love my girl and my girl loves me.


Mel said…
Happy birthday to her! (Now you have to update your description over there----------->)

My twins turned 15 on the 15th, too -- of April.
Well, we ARE tipped over into boyville, and we did have a girl dog and she didn't balance out a thing! fact...nevermind.
Have a great day!