For That Special Someone

You'll thank me later for this fabulous gift idea which is perfect for the person on your list who has everything - including a cat.

Just when you thought that people exhaused every idea for dressing up their dogs and cat in slinks the animal wig.

Kitty Wigs come in bashful blond, pink passion, silver fox, and electric blue (pictured...yummy)

Dress up your kitty for your family's Christmas photo, and make all of your friends and neighbors jealous of the glam fam.

All the cats in the neighborhood will be meowing, "Oooh la la." and scratching their way to to purchase a wig of their own while all of the dogs in the neighborhood will point and laugh.

Oh, and if you want some cute Keds embellished with a photo of your kitty donning her wig, they have those too.

Your Welcome!