Every Body Needs Chocolate

It was a bit chilly today, a bit. I won't give our actual temperature because those bloggers who happen live somewhere other than Southern California, Hawaii, or Miami, would severely shutter at my cold wimpy-ness. I'll put it this way; it was too cold to put my youngest in the jog stroller and go for my typical morning run. No amount of bribing would have sufficed, wet, fog induced cold.

I decided to bring the stationary bike into the house and exercise in the living room while my youngest stood on a step stool in the kitchen watching Charlie and Lola from the small kitchen television arms length from the screen. His good vision just took two gigantic steps backward, in one hour.

As I was huffing and puffing away on the bike I heard him shout, "Can I have [muffled, jumbled word]?" I shouted "yes" not knowing if he had just asked for an X-Box 360 or a cheese stick. All was quiet so I assumed he was content.

This is what I found on the counter when I finished working out. At least he stayed hydrated. And the photo on top? That is a sculpture he made using left over pizza dough from the refrigerator and a hanger from my closet. He's an artist.