Deck the Halls with Boughs of Lycra

I was shocked.

This time I am not exaggerating, and anyway it's called embellishing not exaggerating. Yes, there is a difference.

I walked into Target yesterday, for the fifth time in six days, (that's exaggerating, or lying, depending on how you define either)and the first thing I saw that immediately caught my eye, were bathing suits, racks, and racks, of brightly colored, fresh, full-priced, bathing suits.

I thought is was a merchandising mistake and assumed that the bathing suits were misplaced markdowns left over from October, but I was wrong. Every clothing department throughout the store featured 2-4 racks of bathing suits as if we just stepped into a mid-April, 2009 and skipped winter entirely.


I don't question Targets jump start on spring, they are the knowers of all things retail, I just wonder how many stockings are going to be stuffed with new bathing suits.

None in our family.


Gwendolyn said…
Stores around here do this every year. It baffles me. I'm just now getting to the point where I don't sweat every day, and they are already putting spring and summer clothing on the racks. It's the curse of living in the south. *Sigh*
Denise said…
they do that to remind us not to over induldge on the christmas sweets.
how many cookie exchange cookies would you eat with a bathing suit staring at you?
me- none!
Mel said…
I once tried to buy shorts in July. Ha ha ha. Completely impossible.
Anonymous said…
They are catering to those of us who go on Mexican cruises in January. [:-)
Rachel in Idaho