December Birthdays

Why do so many people have December birthdays? Maybe I just think that a lot people have December birthdays when the truth is, that babies are born all the time, and not any more in December than June or October.

I believe that it has something to do with Valentine's Day, but, I know nothing.

I have a child with a December birthday. December 15th. My mother's birthday is the 20th. My nieces were born on the 6th and 21st. Seriously? What were we thinking?

I cannot even think about Christmas until I get through my daughter's birthday. She turns 15 on the 15th, so am I supposed to do something even more special than normal? I don't have the funds to do something more special than normal.

In addition to decorations and pulling her out of school for lunch out, isn't a family dinner with her favorite foods good enough?

We purchased her two tickets to see Wicked. She is thrilled. Aside from that, I hope that she is well aware that she will be getting nothing other than a card. Wicked tickets are expensive!

She has high expectations. I'm a little scared. What is a mother to do? I need help.


Mother Hood said…
Wow. December is a tough month for birthdays! I thought everyone was born in September, since the OB dept was overflowing when I was ready to deliver last year. My induction was rescheduled FOUR times!

I noticed that you go to Saddleback. My grandma gets so excited any time anyone mentions your church. She and my late grandpa were good friends with Jimmy and Dot Warren, Rick's parents. They went to church in the foothills together!
I think she will be totally thrilled with the tickets!