Cooler Temps Prevail

I realize that our so called frigid temperatures pale in comparison to anywhere east of Cali so I best keep my complaining to myself, however I cannot get warm.

I love driving in my car alone because I can control the temperature myself. I can keep my car as warm as I want it and no one will tell me to turn down the heater.

I have the floor heat set on red, and high, so that hot air blasts from the vents and onto my bare ankles and covered feet. It is almost hot enough to singe the hair off my ankles, but it is a good hurt.

It feels the same as when I back up too close to a fire and the heat makes my back itch. I inch away from the fire a bit, and then I get too cold. There seems to be no happy medium when standing near an open fire. I am a fireplace rookie though because I rarely get the opportunity to stand near one.

For now I will wear knee socks that extend over my knee, velour sweat pants, two layers of shirts, and hope that at days end my flannel sheets will keep me toasty. Otherwise I may have to drag out the electric blanket, which is a wonderfully warm blend of heated yum.


I'm trying to gin up some sympathy, but it's just hard, ya know?? Interesting reading about Rick Warren and the inauguration!