My Guy

I love it! I'm sure about the significance of the wreath and flower, but the cuteness factor supersedes all question.


Oh, that is just TOO sweet. My kids didn't do stuff like that. You should definitely keep that letter!
Mother Hood said…
What a heart warmer! Such a sweet love letter to Jesus! I can't wait to see what my boys will write, once they learn how!
Brad Huebert said…
Awesome letter, awesome kid! Awesome mom and dad!
Denise said…
what a sweet letter. what a sweet boy. is he single? i've got a 9 and 6 yr old.

oh and thanks for the f.y.i. on the flip-flops! i wore them though i was bundled up with sweater and scarf.
only in

i want to see you next time i come!
which give me plenty of time to tape my brows and grow longer lashes before meeting you :-)