Sleeping Over and Chicken Soup

My middle mister experienced his very first sleepover. After the apprehension subsided, the excitement burst through. He was packed and ready to go, waiting for my girlfriend to pick him up, so I snapped a photo of him in his new Fedora waiting for his ride. Thanks goodness she was on time.

While I read blogs and Facebook, my youngest entertained himself with playdough. He made a carrot, and used toothpicks to make "samples" placing them neatly on toothpicks and arranging them in his lunch box. Creative.

I also enjoyed some "chicken soup" and "salad." He placed the "leftovers" in plastic bags and placed plastic wrap over the "bowl of soup," then put everything in the refrigerator.

Maybe one day he will be a chef and cook us all some amazing meals - for real, not of the playdough variety.


Sarah Markley said…
tell him he could bring dinner over to my house if he wants.