Let's Read!

I don't devour books.

I have very little time to read books right now unless someone gives me a book that is a "must read." If I was a traveler or a security guard that sat all the time, I would read tons of books. I love non-fiction.

I confess that if I have some time to sit a read, I typically sit at my computer and read blogs, online devotionals, or catch up with people on Facebook and Twitter.

I was recently sitting with some friends and we were all talking about the fact that it is so hard to find the time to read since we work full-time. My friend Mel eats books for lunch and dinner, and she works full-time.

My mother is an avid reader as is my mother-in-law.

As I stood talking to my friends, a book caught my eye. I asked about the book and plucked from the bookshelf. My friend told me that it was an incredible book that she was actually able to finish as opposed to all of the other books that she starts and never finishes. The challenge was on.

I took the book home.

I am determined to read and discover, why this is the book that she chose to finish.

I am reading Dr. Henry Cloud's Integrity.

I'll let you know.

I hope to be finished by December 31.