How Happy Are You?

I'm on a roll. Not literally sitting on a dinner roll, although that would make for an interesting post, but in the sense that I'm in motion with the same, perhaps boring, idea. Please bear with me. Or don't. I'll leave the choice up to you.

"Happy as a clam" is a familiar saying, however, I not sure that I would want to be a clam, or if a clam is truly ever happy. I could think of so many other things that could be used metaphorically to describe happiness: Happy as a toddler in a tub filled with pudding, happy as a mom sitting poolside, without children, at a fancy hotel, happy a puppy in a puddle of mud, happy as a bride on the first day of her honeymoon.

Happy as a clam? Really?

Research tells me that the official saying is “happy as a clam in high water.” Evidently clams are dug up from the ocean floor and are nearly impossible to find in high tide/water. So, when the saying is clarified it makes a bit more sense, still, last I checked, clams don’t have emotions and are completely incapable of being happy, or for that matter, sad.

What is your happy as a…? Do tell, I’d love to know.


Brad Huebert said…
Happy as a pig in poop. THough I haven't used that in awhile. Or, "a kid in a candy store." A bit more yummy sounding, I think.
I'd like to be as happy as a woman who has truly found lash-enhancing mascara.
Denise said…
i'm going with 2nd cup of coffee.
accept, i think you should do a give away of the lash enhancing mascara.
and i think that the person who suggests you do a give away should be the winner.
and then i would be "happy as someone who won lash-enhancing mascara from spilt milk."