Happy Thanksgiving!

May your children...

-eat their green beans
-find their way to the minuscule slice of turkey buried under a flood of gravy
-try the cranberry jell without gagging
-refrain from saying, "ooh yuck" to your mother's yams
-have more mashed potatoes on their plate than the butter pool surrounding them
-not sculpt the stuffing into the shape of a snowman
-place a black olive on every finger and eat them
-bletch somewhere other than the kitchen table
-stay seated at the card table
-not be hungry 30 minutes after the meal
-remember that the biscuits do not make cute little hats
-consider trying everything on their plate
-not use their pumpkin pie slice as a ramp for their Lego car
-keep from telling Uncle Stan that his breath smells bad
-stay reasonably clean, and...

...be ever so thankful of all that they have graciously been blessed with from God.


Mberenis said…
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Sigh. I just wish my kids did cute stuff like that still. But I don't relish the thought of seeing them eat olives off of their fingers. All of those other things, I'd be ok with.