Fun Monkeys

I want to know who came up with the term, “[fill in the blank] is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.”

Personally, I don’t think that a barrel of monkeys would be fun in the least bit. I’m thinking scratchy claws and a lot of noise.

I picture the monkeys leaping from the barrel and jumping in my hair like the old myth that bats fly into your hair and get tangled. That used to scare the crud out of me as a kid.

A barrel filled with monkeys would be messy. There would inevitably be monkey droppings everywhere and monkey fur getting stuck on my clothes like cat’s fur.

Do monkeys bite? They seem like they would. That would be a bad combo, monkey hair with a side of bites.

How do you get the monkeys back into the barrel after the proverbial fun time? What then? Do I send the monkeys to a co-worker so that they can experience the fun in unleashing monkeys that have been shoved against their own will into a wooden barrel?

I may be over thinking this.

In my opinion, a barrel filled with pie would be much better. Pie is the best fun ever – or cotton balls. Cotton balls are fun too – less messy.


Cina said…
So fun to read about the RevitaLash. Do you have some before and after picture? The product has just come to Sweden and I have used it in 4 weeks and can maybe see some results. How long time did it take for you to notice som results?
staci a said…
Becoming Me said…
LOL! I loved this. One it was funny. 2 I have a mean monkey story. Yes, they do bite! My husband has the scar on his hand to prove it. He was attacked by a pet (not his own) chimp when he was a boy. It pulled him under a table and bit a big chunk from his hand...he needed stitches. Yeah, a barrel of monkeys does not seem like fun...for me or the monkeys.