Fuel Level Low

We own a two-car garage that holds only one car, at the moment. I'm guessing that we are not the only ones in this type of situation. I know people who own three-car garages yet cannot fit one car inside. We no usable attic or beautiful basement so that is our excuse.

My gracious husband parks his car outside on the driveway and let's my car occupy the garage. He's nice like that.

When my husband and I are home at the same time, and have to use a car to go someplace, I typically just use his car since it is smaller, outdoors and ready to move, not as gas-hoggish as my car, and, has seat heaters, if one should require their buns heated.

Although I have a tendency to exaggerate I am formally telling you that this is not an exaggeration and my children can attest to that fact that almost every time I get in my husbands car to go somewhere his gas light is on. You know what I'm talking about right - that little light in newer cars that signals that the car is low on gas?

This frustrates me more than it should. He always claims that the tank has plenty of gas to still get where I need to go and that I can safely drive without the fear of being stuck on the side of the road, gas-less and irritated.

I never fully believe his claim so I typically get out of his car, open the garage door, and take my gas-filled car wherever I need to go. I'm a planner. I always have enough gas.

I once ran out of gas in my VW bug, in graffiti filled, downtown Los Angeles. I still have run-out-of-gas-fear-even though I wasn't murdered or beaten.


This drives me crazy too! Especially in the winter. If my tank is below 1/4 I flat out scream. And by the way we have a four car garage that fits a car and a lawn mower, snowblower and tons of seasonal crap!
The guy who lived in this house before us worked on cars, he built a second double garage onto the back of the first, I'm sure he'd roll over in his grave if he saw what has become of his beloved garage. Maybe he should have built more storage into the HOUSE!
Sarah Markley said…
i totally believe you ran out of gas in la.

i once broke down in santa ana. in the rain. and i waited in the car for my husband in the cold in the dark for like 2 hours.