Cupcake Minus the Cake

Four cupcakes were delivered to our house from our very kind realtor. She's nice like that even though we have not sold our home or referred her anyone who was selling their home in about 8 years.

Since I love cupcakes I ate the first one. I prefer cupcakes with white or yellow cake and chocolate frosting, but suffered through a chocolate cupcake with white frosting. It just so happened to be nestled nest to some vanilla ice cream. That made it taste better.

I decided to bring the three other cupcakes to work since no one at home was partaking. They sat for half of the day since they didn’t appeal to me in their current state, which was a lot of cake and very little frosting.

I had the brilliant idea to eat the tops of the cupcakes only and leave the boring, dry, cake part, in the box. Brilliant.

Frosting rocks, and cake doesn’t rock as much.

Eating just the top part of the cupcake is the best idea ever.


Mel said…
Yes, yes it is.