I am not a collector.

I don't collect Christmas plates, ceramic frogs, Precious Moments figurines, or charms for a silver bracelet.

My daughter used to collect dolphins, but not anymore.

I used to collect all things that had to do with cows, but not anymore.

My seven year old has an insatiable appetite for purchasing, and collecting, baseball cards.

Every dollar he receives is spent on baseball cards. He has hundreds of them in books bags, on shelves, and littering my home.

I find cards in my car, on the kitchen counter, underneath the couch, and sitting on top of his bed.

Collecting baseball cards seems like a complete waste to me. He spends money on the cards and then they end up in a notebook, box or bag.

My son just spent $10.00 on another round of baseball cards. After he opened them all and decided which were worthy and those who were not, he looked up at me and said, "I need some more money."

"Why?" I asked.

"To buy more baseball cards"

I cannot fathom the amount of money that he has wasted on baseball cards. My hope is that eventually, when he is 40, his cards will all be worth hundreds of dollars. At that point he can redeem himself and all the money he spent when he was younger. Then, and only then, will his collecting be worth anything. I suppose.


Mel said…
Ha! My sons collected worse--Pokemon and . . . I can't even remember the name of the other kind of cards. What a waste!

My daughter collects stuffed animals. Oh boy.

I used to collect cow stuff, too! BFF!