I majored in art in college. I could tell very easily who were the true, talented artist, and those who thought it was just a good idea. I was the later.

Although I am creative and can copy illustrations verbatim, I lack in the area of creating a sketch from scratch.

I have been doodle drawing and making artsy things for a far back as I can remember. I used to sketch pencil etchings of our sleeping dog, "Brillo" who awake, was constant motion. He never posed well, awake.

Once in college the evening prior to the deadline for a painting assignment, I slapped some paint onto a canvas, smeared the colors around with a palate knife, turned in my abstract painting, and received an "A." Not bad for procrastinating and a lack of still life arrangements. On the other hand, the painting never sold for hundreds of dollars in a stuffy art studio either.

The other day I was at the nail salon treating myself to a 15 dollar pedicure. I went to the bathroom and noticed a piece of artwork on the wall across from the toilet. It was a nice piece of art signed by a guy named William Barnett.

I'm sure that when Willy was in art school he never dreamed that his painting would end up in the bathroom of a strip mall nail salon.

At least Williams art was actually purchased by someone which is a lot more than I can say for my abstract creation - which is sitting in the rafters of my garage.


I was four posts sorry! I can't stop laughing. Monkeys, pie, clams, long or short lashes. It's all just so funny when read through your mind. (post) Hey did you know that They have TV monitors with advertisements on them in Mens bathrooms above the urinals? How do I KNOW this? I went to a Mom's conference and due to all the estrogen they opened ALL bathrooms for our use. I wonder how man viagra and enlargemnet ads run through those things...they were turned of for our benefit.
I'm happy as an elf on December 26!
Sit A Spell said…
That's too funny...I guess "Willy" is happy his art work is somewhere : ) It cracks me up that Qdobas puts posters of their FOOD in the bathroom!