1987 Called

Hi, my name is Linda and I have bedroom furniture from the 80's.

There, I have confessed. Except for the myriad of neighborhood children that saunter in and out of bedroom to play on the computer, very few folks are privy to my secret. It is embarrassing, but cost effective.

I'm the type of person who would rather clothe my children, eat out twice a week, or perhaps delve into a small weekend vacation, than visit the furniture store and drop loads of cash on new bedroom furniture.

When I was pregnant with our fourth child, my husband was kind enough to purchase a king sized bed for my expanding body and expressive need for space. Given the choice between an array of sassy new bedroom furniture or a king sized bed, I would, hand down, choose the bed. And, by bed I mean mattress, and not a formal place to place the mattress.

I have priorities, and purchasing new bedroom furniture is not one of them. Who actually sees the inside of my bedroom other than my family members, and as mentioned prior, the few neighborhood children who dart in and out to check out the computer? Do neighborhood children care about the appearance of my bedroom furniture or the year it was purchased? My guess would be "no." The 80's bleached, pine wood ensemble will come back in style eventually, right?

In the mean time, if 1987 calls and wants their furniture returned, I'll have to put them on hold, that is, until they can hook me up with the year 2008 and provide me with some new stuff - free of charge.


Sarah Markley said…
oh, you are so cute. and funny.

did 1987 want their roller skates back? =)
Denise said…
you can say your furniture is retro!
Sheila said…
Don't feel badly because I had bedroom furniture from the 1960s until two years ago! My grandfather gave it to my mother on her marriage, and she gave it to me when I had my first apartment. I finally got rid of it two years ago when we bought a brand new bedroom set!

But you know what? That 1960s set worked fine. It really did. So don't feel badly about it!

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Mel said…
Oh. Then my secret is safe with you: Instead of beside tables, Rubbermaid tubs stacked at the appropriate height.