Stretched Out

Is there any truth to the idea that clothing can get stretched out to unbelievable sizes?

In high school and junior high my BFF was a size smaller than me. She seemed to always be the one getting new clothes, and I liked trying them on for size. Her main objection to my trying on her things was the idea that I was going to stretch out her sweaters, pants, and t-shirts.

If clothes did get stretched out, if that was a possibility, wouldn’t a good washing and drying put them back in shape?

My kids love to put on my shoes. My twelve year old shoves his men’s size 10 into my silver flats and thinks it’s funny to walk around the house wearing my sparkle shoes.

I always complain when he does this and tell him that he is going to stretch out my shoes, and then they will no longer fit onto my foot. Could this be scientifically true? Is anyone out there a cobbler by trade?

I haven’t experienced the stretching out of any of my clothes other than the proverbial sag from jeans that I have been wearing all day. By six o’clock, the butt portion is baggier than it was in the morning and the thigh section has a bit more room than it did when I first shimmied them on. This is all good. I don’t think that denim should be skin tight from the waist to the knees. (Although in high school this would have been a cool look)

The jury is still out. I I tried to put on my daughter’s t-shirt, would I stretch it out? If my seven year old tried to squeeze into the jeans of my five year old, would they be unrecognizable? If my husband attempted to wear the Angels sweatshirt my twelve year old has, would it later flop all over my son’s body? Who knows? Who cares, really?

Evidently, I do.


cute post. my favorite invention is those inside tabs that help you make the jeans the smaller in the waist. genious. and in my BOYS jeans, not mine btw! never happenin' in my jeans!
jennalee said…
My clothes never seem to stretch as large as I would want them to, so I just end up buying a bigger size.