Sit and Wait

I think that I hit fifty signals on the way home from work. Okay, so maybe not fifty, but certainly not ten. Let's say somewhere between ten and fifty signals.

Most of the red signals that I approach are completely useless. In my opinion, these red lights are strategically placed to slow traffic down. I can appreciate the need to slow traffic down, just not at the moment that I am the traffic, and I happen to be tying to get home at a decent hour.

I don't appreciate having to stop at a red light, in the middle of virtual nothingness, and sit waiting for the signal to turn green, when there isn't even another car in sight. A pure waste of my time.

I could probably call the city where the signals are located and voice my concerns to the powers that oversee any and all traffic issues, however, it would probably take more time to change the timing of a signal than it would be for me to actually wait at the signal over and over again for a year. That is just a guess. I don't assume that traffic signal fixer people move very quickly when the issue has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with my patience level, or lack of patience issue.

If we could all just stop getting into traffic accidents, stop running red lights, or blowing through stop signs, signals would probably stay green a little longer, and traffic wouldn't have to be intentionally slowed. That's just my guess, although, I hold with no traffic flow credentials. My major in college was art. Art and traffic have nothing in common.