Please Stay Tuned

I had a great time doing a video post last Tuesday called, "I See what You're Saying." I mentioned in my video that I am considering the use of duct tape to remove the unwanted hair growing out from my eyebrows.

I will be recording another video post in which I actually attempt to use tape to "wax" my eyebrows and you can tune right here to see the result of my "in home" hair removal.

Since we do not have actual duct tape and only have Gorilla Tape..."extra thick, extra stick", I have no doubt that the hair removal will be successful.

Not only will it be exciting, it will be unique and crazy. What more can a blog reader ask for? Admittedly, it probably will not be very crazy, and not the best form of entertainment. For that, you'll have to wait until The Office airs on Thursday.

I will be giving away virtual strips of Gorilla Glue tape for those who feel the urge to join me. I'm a giver like that.

Stay tuned...


AnnieBlogs said…
PLEASE wax your eyebrows on video. I will enjoy that in a deep deep way.
oh how i feel your pain!

here's to a good laugh for both of us!
Mary Fran said…
I'm a huge fan of eye brow waxing. Not so sure about gorilla tape though. You'll probably lose a couple of layers a skin too. Make sure to get it on tape, we all need a good laugh. Oh wait, I forgot you don't like when people laugh at other people pain. Well, post it an we won't laugh, too hard anyway. :)