The Party is Here!

Our next door neighbors do not speak English. They told us when they moved in a couple of years ago, that they are Christian Egyptians. I suppose that they speak, Egyptian.

We wave, and say "hello" on occasion, but the conversation has never moved farther.In all of my attempts to be friendly and engage in some conversation, I have failed.

Every year or house sponsors the annual Halloween block party. All of the neighbors bring money to cover the cost of catered food, the kids bob for apples, and as a group, everyone goes trick-or-treating.

Every year I carefully place an invitation inside the mailbox of our non-english speaking neighbors, and every year they are a no-show. Every year the crowd gathers at our house, and every year I wonder if they are thinking that we are some sort of inclusive people who throw parties and invite everyone but them.

I worry too much about what people think.

I sent them the invitation. I hope that they will come and meet their other neighbors. There is a strong possibility that they will not come to our annual Halloween party with cheese enchiladas, and tacos. They will miss the pumpkin passing game and the variety of desserts.

If they only could read English, and know that we would love to have them at our party. Then again, maybe they do read the invitation, and simply don't feel comfortable attending. That's okay too.


Erin said…
maybe Christian Egyptians don't do Halloween...hmmmm