No Food or Drink

I notice things when I am sitting inside places. This time I was noticing what is inside of a doctor's office. Not much, that is for sure. There is such a still, dull air inside the waiting room and outdated magazines are crumpled and worn.

All over the walls of the waiting area and inside offices were white signs stating, "Please no food or drink." I guess I don't really understand what the big deal is. Why don't they allow food or drink inside the building?

In this day and age when tons of people are carrying around a plastic bottle filled with water and, if you are a mother, a bag of goldfish crackers, or at the very least, a box of mints, how do they enforce the "no food or drink" law?

The office was for a pediatric doctor. Aren't toddlers in constant need of snacks and drinks. They must have undercover security watching for drinkers and snackers. In fact there was one gentleman sitting alone. He must have been security.

What then? What if you do have a snack or drink? Do they kick you out? Do they ask you to leave? Do the confiscate your snack or drink and serve them during their lunch hour?

I'm sure that the office has some reason for not allowing food or drink inside of their building. I'm just not sure why.


Anonymous said…
well, i guess because sick people are usually at the doctor.... They are sneezing and coughing and God knows what else and all this sprays out of a bodily orifice onto the floor. Now imagine some kid dropping his goldfish cracker, picking it up off the germ-infested floor, and putting it in his mouth. YUCK!!!!!

And at a doctors office you have to be sensitive to other patients food allergies....