Long, Lush, Lashes?

My girlfriend introduced me to a beauty product called, Revitalash. The lash conditioner is supposed to extend your lashes and make them thicker. The only set back is that is is very pricey, and it takes up to 8 weeks to notice any results. This is difficult for someone who lacks the "patience" gene and whose money needs to spent on things like peanut butter and socks.

Since is on the very pricey side of my budget, I let my mother make the purchase. She was going to use it for four weeks and then give it to me to use for four weeks. After two weeks, she was unable to use Revitalsh any more because it so badly irritated her eyes.

The tube was handed off to me for trial. It has been four weeks and honestly, I've got nothing. In fact, just the other day I was driving with my 12 year old boy. While I was applying a new coat of mascara at every stop light he questioned, "Mom, why do you have such puny eyelashes?" What a testimonial!

After the fact, I have now read reviews for the product. Of all the eyelash conditioners on the market, Revitalash is not rated as one of the best. Eye irritation ranked as one of the most common complaints.

Thankfully, after 60 days, there is a money back guarantee. I think that my mother will be a few dollars wealthier very soon, and I will have to be stuck with my puny lashes. It could be worse.

Puny eyelashes rule! Actually, really good mascara that makes my eyelashes look not-so-puny rules.

PS...Did you not LOVE how I forgot to remove one piece of tape on my "unwanted hair" video?


Mel said…
Well, that's a relief. One more product I won't need to buy.
Denise said…
do you curl your lashes?

i am new to this (1.5 yrs in new), and i am telling you- it's a miracle!
lashes, lushes, long, LASHES! try it.
i think i see another video in the making.