It's MY Purse

I know what is in my purse. I know that there are a lot of things in my purse that do not belong in my purse yet somehow end up there – toy cars that little hands are tired of holding, my daughter’s hair clip that began bugging her halfway home from church, and my husband’s wallet and sunglasses. He can only accommodate his phone in his own pocket.

For the most part, I am aware of things coming and going out of my purse. The most common item to leave my purse is gum. For now, I am partial to Trident Splash Summer Spearmint. The next fastest item to escape is my phone. The kids feel like it is their own personal hand held electronic game. The third item that escapes from my purse is money. After a hot lunch payment, money for a field trip, replacement cash from the time I borrowed from my son’s stash, and funding my husband’s lack of ATM visits, I come up short on the cash end, quite often.

The other day I discovered something in my purse that bothered me. It snuck in when I wasn’t looking and I felt offended. It was an empty juice bag. Although many “trash worthy” items make their way to my purse, the juice bag threw me for a loop. My woe came because I felt mistreated by the juice bag deliverer. I was sitting in church, dressed nice, and reached in to turn my phone off and discovered the juice bag. Since when is my handbag a garbage collection trunk?

Nothing is sacred. Not even my own personal purse. What’s in your purse?


RosyRose said…
I feel your pain! I have nothing left of my own any more. Plus that I don't know if I have garbage written on my chest or what but I seem to always get everyones!
I try to keep my wallet, gum, cell phone and lip gloss...other then that everything's optional:)