I visited my first haunted house when in the 3rd grade. It was at my church. Did you catch the location? My church.

The youth pastor transformed a couple of the Sunday school rooms into blackness and spider webs, and students dressed up in masks and wigs.

They presented bowls of cold spaghetti and frozen grapes and fooled my friends and I into thinking that we were dipping our fingers in worms and eyeballs. Fun?

People jumped out from behind closed doors and partitions, hoping to cause screams from wee folk who are easily frightened. I can't think of one church in Orange County that would sponsor a haunted house today.

My second haunted house visit was when I was 14. Campus Life had "rented" three housed in a cul-de-sac and turned them into a blood tingling, adrenaline rushing, haunted adventure. After exiting the third house in a that row I sat on the curb and threw up. I was that scared. That was my last haunted house visit.

Evidently I had trouble separating fact and fiction.

I don't get the whole haunted house thing anymore. I don't get wanting to go somewhere where you are sure to be scared. Who likes to be scared? Teenagers.

I used to love scary movies too. I would have nightmares lasting several days after the movie. I remember having trouble walking to my car at night, always thinking that someone was going to grab me and stab my back with a knife.

Why oh why would I subject myself to such fear? I was a teenager.

I don't like haunted houses anymore, or scary movies. For kicks this weekend I won't be visiting any haunted houses. I prefer things that make me feel pleasant not upset and frightened.

Call me crazy.