Happy Candy

Evidently I have a gift. Some might say that it is an innate gift, but no one would say that it is a spiritual gift.

I have the gift of feeding others a good variety of candy. Please don’t be jealous.

I was notified of my special gift today as someone in the office was peering into the tub of candy I have set out for any and every one.

I like candy, and I like having candy available for others. It makes me happy to give, and it makes others happy to take.

I never put hard candy in my candy tub, mint flavors, or jaw breakers. Those are all unfriendly candies. The hard candies don’t satisfy the sweet tooth properly, the mint candy will infect all of the other candies with its mint aroma (yes really) and the jaw breakers, well, can break your jaw, and that’s not nice.

I do have, nestled in the tub of candy the following:
Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Twix, 100 Grand, M & M’s (chocolate and peanut), Whoppers, Nestle Crunch Crisps, and Milk Duds. I love variety.

I don’t think that I can find a career which uses my gift properly, or for any decent amount of money, so for now, I will continue to keep my tub of candy well stocked with a sufficient variety of goods. That should make people happy, and I like working with happy people.


RosyRose said…
you are truely gifted!
I wish I could hang around your office. Just to ensure my butt will no longer fit into my jeans!
Erin said…
Are yall hiring?
staci a said…
the person who made that observation is so smart.